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ROCKS ads is a online platform for interactive on-rocks advertising

Curling clubs


We help curling clubs lease advertising space on their curling rocks handles to interested advertisers. This type of partnership is something unique that we can set up as we have a large base of potential advertisers that are willing to work with curling teams and clubs from around the world.

This means that as a club, you’ll be able to find a matching partner that would love to take the opportunity to customise your curling rocks with their branding.

Rent out advertising space

on your curling rocks hanldes

Earn extra income

from the sale of advertising space

Let us help you

find new sponsors

Fill out the online form

We’ll try our absolute best to find you a matching partner and advertise to ensure that you create a sponsorship connection that will support you in the ways that best suit your goals.

Brands & Agencies


Unique brand awareness and engagement

Adopt A Rock for the whole curling season. The adopt-a-rock curling handles advertising is a wonderful way for someone to support the club while creating a special outstanding brand campaign.

Outstanding Billboards

Media Measurement

Innovative Advertising

Across Canada & United States

How it works

Choose Locations

With the ability to run national, regional and local campaigns, you can target the audience you want to reach where you want to reach them

Choose Number of Curling Rocks

Pick the rock(s) whose handles you wish to have adopt.

Send us your brand ad design

or get your free brand designs & advertising campaign ideas right now by sending us a request

Brand Creating

Selected curling club(s) apply for your campaign and get stickers installed

Let's ROCK!

Your outstanding campaign is just started

The key to your success is what makes you different. Maybe it’s time to make a new great story together?

Get your brand on the ice

Launch your first on-rocks advertising campaign with CURLING ROCKS ads

If you’re a prospective advertiser that wants to get in touch with such curling teams and clubs, then feel free to contact us directly for this sort of information. We’ll be able to establish a partnership that is perfect for your organisation’s interests and needs.








Heavy duty stickers ads

Ads are done via durable but still easily removable 3D stickers

- Industrial-strength stickers, built for extreme environments
- Super thick and sticky
- High-strength adhesive will stick to all surfaces
- Cut to any shape
- Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
- Resistant to scratches & water, oils & sunlight
- No limit on the number of colours used
- Removed sticker leaves no traces on the surface

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